Frank is a pivotal member of the Concordia Group and Global Direct Mail & Marketing teams, where he leads External Relations and Purchasing. With a rich background encompassing both domestic and international experiences across academic and commercial domains, Frank brings a unique perspective to his roles.

Within the Concordia Group and Global Direct Mail & Marketing, Frank engages in multifaceted responsibilities, showcasing his versatility. His distinctive skill set shines in investigative research, a specialty he employs to great effect while collaborating on projects for clients across the United States.

Frank began his journey at the University of Northern Iowa, where he laid the foundation for his intellectual pursuits. His insatiable curiosity and academic passion drove him to earn a Ph.D. in classics from the esteemed University of Pennsylvania.

During his education, Frank became fluent in an array of languages, including English, French, Afrikaans, Greek, Latin, and German. This linguistic diversity not only enriches his interactions but also underscores his commitment to fostering global connections.

Frank’s dedication to education has extended his role as a professor. He has worked at universities all over the world, including The Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ, the University of the Witwatersrand, and the University of Göttingen. There, he shared his expertise and ignited intellectual curiosity in students. These experiences have further broadened his perspective and enhanced his ability to communicate complex concepts effectively.

A significant chapter in Frank’s professional journey took him to Los Angeles, where he worked with a rare coin dealer. In this role, he globe-trotted, meticulously verifying the authenticity of coins—a testament to his meticulous attention to detail and commitment to ensuring quality.

In 2018, Frank chose to return to his roots in Iowa, bringing his diverse expertise back to the heartland. His presence enriches the team with a global perspective and a wealth of experiences that uniquely position him to contribute to Concordia Group’s and Global Direct Mail & Marketing’s continued success.

Frank’s multifaceted background, language proficiency, and commitment to excellence exemplify his invaluable contributions to the teams he’s a part of. His journey, spanning academia and diverse commercial experiences, adds a distinctive layer of expertise to the collective strength of Concordia Group and Global Direct Mail & Marketing.

Fun Facts About Frank

Outside of work, you can usually find him at family gatherings or cheering on his nephews and nieces in sports or other activities.