Lindsay Gerber serves as the Senior Director of Production for Global Direct Mail & Marketing.

Mrs. Gerber is involved in several of the everyday operations, with strengths in diligence and efficiency. She implements, analyzes, and executes various projects for business and non-profit clientele. Collaborating with designers, Lindsay ensures the client’s visions are brought forth with precision and detail.

Fun Facts About Lindsay

Lindsay is the youngest of four children and the only one to still live in Iowa. She now has four children of her own and is proud to raise them in this great state.

Passionate about music, her family calls her “DJ Lindsay” as she has a playlist for every occasion. She has also been known to love karaoke, which may or may not embarrass her husband and children.

Born in Ames and having attended Iowa State University, Lindsay cheers for the Cyclones. Yes, even in an office full of Hawkeyes! She met the love of her life on the ISU campus, so it’ll always have special meaning to her.

In addition to working for Global, Lindsay happily chauffeurs her 4 children around to various activities. She spends every weekend on the sidelines of a court or field. She enjoys the hustle and bustle, knowing it won’t last forever!