Jill Halvorson serves as our dedicated Executive Assistant and with her extensive background in hospitality brings a unique blend of grace, efficiency, and problem-solving to Concordia Group’s dynamic team. Jill’s hospitality experience has honed her innate ability to connect with people and navigate diverse situations seamlessly.

With a keen sense for orchestrating harmony in complex environments, Jill thrives as the engine behind our team’s operational success. In her role, she takes charge of streamlining office operations, ensuring efficiency, and proactively addressing any challenges that arise. Her meticulous execution of plans and exceptional coordination skills keep the office in perfect sync, allowing our team to excel.

Jill’s dedication to fostering a cohesive work environment is evident in her belief in the power of relationships. She understands that strong relationships are the cornerstone of a thriving team, and she invests herself in creating an atmosphere where every member can contribute their best. Her ability to unite diverse perspectives and talents into a harmonious whole is a testament to her leadership style.

Mrs. Halvorson’s career journey has been marked by significant accomplishments in the hospitality industry. Her passion for hospitality ignited when she crossed paths with Gary Tharaldson, a hotel industry visionary. Her support in realizing his ambitious hotel empire goal of 300 hotels in a decade was a testament to her commitment and dedication.

Jill’s career took her through roles in event planning, travel and tourism management, and nonprofit leadership. She contributed her expertise to spearheading sales at the largest conference center in North Dakota and served as the Director of Sales for the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Fargo-Moorhead.

Before joining our team, Jill made a lasting impact as the leader of The Great North Pole, a nonprofit organization that raised over 1 million dollars in just two years to provide essential winter clothing to children in need. Her ability to rally resources and make a tangible difference showcases her deep-rooted commitment to community welfare.

Jill’s involvement extends beyond her professional roles. She has actively participated in industry associations, serving on the Red River Valley Hospitality Association Board of Directors, co-presiding over the Fargo Moorhead Convention and Visitors Bureau, and engaging with the Destination Marketing Association. Her dedication to continuous improvement is reflected in her certification through Dale Carnegie’s High Impact Presentations program.

Jill Halvorson’s rich background, leadership prowess, and unwavering commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to Concordia Group, where she embodies the spirit of hospitality in every facet of her role.

Fun Facts About Jill

Jill is our only “non-Iowan” in the office. She came to us from Fargo, North Dakota via marriage to a Norwalk, IA native where his parents still reside.

Like many others on our team, she comes from a small rural town of 300 that has no stop lights. Unlike the most of our team, she has never detasseled corn or door knocked.

In our office she is teaching us a new vocabulary that includes phrases like “Uff Dah”, “You Betcha”, “Go Bison” and Hotdish.

Grew up 60 miles from the Canadian border, on a 3rd generation farm in Lansford, ND where they do not raise corn, but wheat and barley (aka pasta and beer).

Prior to moving to Iowa, she was the Executive Director of a non-profit that supplied winter hats, coats, snow pants and gloves to children in need.