Zachary Harnden brings his strategic prowess to the forefront as a Legislative Assistant at Concordia Group, seamlessly weaving his passion for political science and legislative studies into every aspect of his role. With a perceptive eye for policy intricacies and a profound dedication to advocacy, Zach gracefully navigates the complexities of the political landscape, crafting strategies that drive meaningful and impactful change.

In his capacity as a Legislative Assistant, Zach masterfully orchestrates the development and execution of dynamic policy strategies. His thorough research skills allow him to distill intricate issues into actionable insights, empowering both clients and internal stakeholders to make informed decisions. Zach’s finesse in media relations, social media management, and digital communications ensures that these strategies are not only well-formed but also effectively communicated, reaching their intended audiences with clarity and impact.

Zach embarked on his political journey by contributing to the Kim Reynolds Gubernatorial Campaign as a Senior Field Representative. His adept leadership of intern teams, community engagement, and alignment of strategies with the campaign’s vision showcased his impact in this pivotal role, culminating in a resounding 20-point re-election victory in 2022.

Following this achievement, Zach was entrusted with a role as a clerk in the Iowa House of Representatives, collaborating closely with Rep. Heather Hora on a range of legislation, including pivotal areas like agriculture and education. This experience honed his communication skills and cultivated his nuanced understanding of policy dynamics. Currently serving as a Chief of Staff, Zach plays a central role in shaping legislative agendas, coordinating communications, and fostering harmonious collaborations with legislators.

As a Fellow for the American Federation for Children, Zach passionately advocated for educational equity and championed school choice programs that empower communities while addressing educational disparities.

Zach is a dedicated sophomore at Simpson College, pursuing studies in political science and economics. His commitment to personal growth and active involvement shines through his leadership roles, having served as Class President and currently holding the position of President of the Simpson College Republicans. Through his engagement in student government, fraternity activities, and the debate team, he continues to refine his leadership skills and apply his insights to real-world scenarios, laying a strong foundation for a future marked by meaningful contributions.

Fun Facts About Zach

Zach is currently a sophomore studying political science and economics at Simpson College. He is actively involved and holds positions in student government, his fraternity, and the debate team.

In his free time, Zach enjoys fishing, golfing, and playing chess.