Lauren Mrzljak is at the helm of business development as the Vice President for Global Direct Mail & Marketing. She derives genuine satisfaction from collaborating with clients of all scales, engaging in the art of marketing their enterprises or causes, and ensuring their success.

Lauren’s journey commenced with a significant role as she worked alongside the Speaker of the House, steering campaigns to victory on a statewide canvas. With over 15 years of seasoned experience, she has seamlessly woven her expertise into the fabric of campaigns, engaging with a diverse array of candidates and elected officials across municipal and statewide domains.

Having played an integral part in maintaining the House majority for four consecutive election cycles, Lauren’s path evolved as she assumed the mantle of a Senior Advisor at a public affairs firm. Here, her dedication converged with grassroots organization and issue advocacy services, further solidifying her multifaceted impact.

Upon her integration with Global, Lauren readily extended her consultative prowess to political clientele via Concordia Group. Her innate ability to craft strategic solutions led to triumphant victories in two high-profile races, where her clients emerged triumphant over incumbent opponents. In her most recent endeavor, she orchestrated the defeat of a 43-million-dollar bond referendum.

Lauren’s domain of expertise encompasses an array of intricate skills. From campaign management and data services to coalition building and public support garnering, she excels in equipping opinion leaders and policymakers with the knowledge they need. Lauren’s adeptness extends to research and writing issue-based messaging, seamless project coordination, and the orchestration of impactful events.

As Vice President of Business Development for Global Direct Mail & Marketing, Lauren Mrzljak encapsulates a commitment to client success, fortified by her multifaceted skills and a proven track record in navigating the nuanced landscape of politics and advocacy.

Fun Facts About Lauren

Of course, growing up in Iowa, Lauren’s first job was detasseling

Lauren has a cat, Kit and a dog, Dottie (a couple of Rockford Peaches)

Lauren’s door-knocked most of northeast Iowa, and across the state in summer heat and record setting cold, AND she’s experienced about every door-knocking story imaginable

Outside of work, Lauren enjoys fishing with her husband and spending time with their two kids.