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Global was founded in 2011 because our family of companies had a number of small clients with direct marketing needs. Many of these clients were not large enough to be serviced by a big company and were faced with having to do their marketing projects on their own. So we set forth to design a business plan for Global that would allow us to offer cost-effective solutions for both small and large businesses.

The beginning of Global was not very glamorous. Without much room or knowledge on where and how the business would grow, Global started its first print jobs in a small kitchen! One small printer and not much space but we started cranking out projects for our clients.

In 2014, Global greatly expanded and moved its main printing offices to West Des Moines. Making large investments in printing and finishing equipment to service our growing client roster, 2014 was our biggest year ever.

In 2017, Global expanded again and moved into our own state-of-the-art design and print facility in Urbandale, Iowa.

Now Global offers design, print, and digital services to a wide array of small businesses, corporations, government agencies, non-profits and others.

We are able to service projects for clients that are both big and small. However, we pride ourselves most on working with small businesses and budding entrepreneurs. We take an active role in helping them develop marketing plans to help grow their businesses!

What is the difference with Global compared to other similar businesses? It’s really simple – we want to be our clients’ partner as they market their company or cause.

We measure our success by our clients’ success and take pride in each project we do to help them succeed!

Our Approach

When you partner with Global, we will work with you on every phase of the project from inception to completion.

You are the client and you come first.

Our sole focus is to bring you the most creative marketing approach that will help your business or cause be successful.

Our professionals will get in the trenches with you to develop that plan and work with you every step of the way.

Our success as a company is measured by our clients’ success.

Our Core Values


We constantly seek to better understand those that count on us to help them in order to better serve them. Our clients always comes first and their success is our success.


We will always say what we believe and believe in what we say. We have to believe in our clients and their causes in order to do the work and do a good job. That means we are not a fit for all clients. For those that are our clients, you have a partner and a believer in your business or cause!


Whether you are a big business, small business or campaign, life can change on a dime and we pride ourselves at being agile and adaptive in working with you to make those changes. Deadlines are part of life and dead time kills businesses.


We value winning. We want to win. We want our clients to win. We believe we will help our clients win.


The best ideas come from sharing and listening. We listen to our clients and we listen to each other. Each employee has an equal voice in generating strategy and creative and all ideas are valued.

Getting Better

We are never satisfied with where we are. We want our business to grow and we want our team to grow. We embrace better training, education and experience gained from working – all with a goal of constantly striving to get better.


Each team member is empowered to own their projects and take pride in them. There will never be a “not my fault” mentality on our team. Failure is shared and learned from. Success is shared and celebrated.


We love what we do. We love coming to work each day. Every day is different and presents new challenges and we embrace that with joy! Everybody should laugh and enjoy life. Part of that is enjoying work!